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knows what he is doing, and

has the support of Congress.

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Q: A president's policy initiatives are significantly more successful when the president?
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When are a president's policy initiatives most successful?

They are supported by the electorate and the Congress.

Was Franklin Pierce considered a successful president?

No- he is usually considered one of the least successful full-term presidents.

The two presidencies thesis holds that a president is likely to be most successful with Congress on policy initiatives involving?

foreign issues

How many presidents served as vice president?

14 presidents served as vice president before becoming president

Does presidents day honour two great presidents president George Washington and president Clinton?

Yes, it does

Are vice presidents allowed to fly with presidents?

no, this way if the president dies, the vice president is still there to replace him

When are presidents most likely to get their policies through Congress successfully?

It is early in a President's first term when they are most likely to be successful in getting their policies through Congress. U. S. Presidents are limited to serving two 4-year terms.

Who chooses the vice president and the presidents?

We the ppl.We vote on who should be president of the U.S. And as for the vice presidents I think the president that we vote on decides who would be the vice president.

What is the plural of president?

The plural form of president is presidents.

Why do presidents have vice presidents?

If the president resigns or is killed while in term, the vice president takes over his job.

Who are all the Presidents of Brazil?

I know only two presidents... President Cardoso and President Lula Da Silva

What is the plural possessive of president?

The plural possessive for president is presidents'.Examples: Two of the US presidents' names were Roosevelt.