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Do you know if the us was at war or at peace?W/B

ps that means write back:

We were at war....the CIVIL WAR!

Uhh, no.

Johnson succeeded Lincoln after his assassination after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period

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Q: During Andrew Johnson's term as President was the US at war or at peace?
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Was the US at war when Andrew Jackson was in office?

NO. The US was at peace while Jackson was President.

Why was Andrew Johnson considered a bad President?

Andrew Johnson is considered by most historians to be the worst President of the United States. He grossly miscalculated public policy perceptions and did not have a knack for peace making.

What is Shawn Johnsons full name?

Shawn Machel Johnson .Peace is her signature.

Was the peace corps develoed during Lyndon Johnson presidency?

No. The Peace Corps was initially developed by President John F. Kennedy while Lyndon B. Johnson was vice President in 1961.

What war was Woodrow Wilson president during?

President Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States of America during WWl. (World War One)

Was there a war going on when president Andrew Jackson died?

No, there was no war going on when President Andrew Jackson died. He passed away on June 8, 1845, during a period of relative peace in the United States. The Mexican-American War, which was the next major conflict involving the U.S., did not begin until 1846, after Jackson's death.

Who was the First president to win Nobel Peace Prize?

In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for fashioning a peace treaty between Russia and Japan during the Russo-Japanese War. He was the first American (not just president) to win the Nobel Peace Prize

What treaty did Andrew Jackson Negotiate in 1814?

Peace treaty! <3 (-<)

President Kennedy's peace army became the Peace what?

President Kennedy's peace army became the Peace Corps.

When did andrew young got the nole bell peace prize?

Andrew Young has not won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a civil rights activist and politician who has been involved in various peace efforts throughout his career, but he has not received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Was James Monroe president during any wars?

yes, he was president during the first Seminole war. Other than wars with the Indians, the US was not at war when Monroe was in office.

Who proposed 14 points to peace?

The 14 Points for Peace were proposed by President Woodrow Wilson in a speech to Congress in January 1918 during World War I. Wilson outlined his vision for a post-war world that would prevent future conflicts and promote international cooperation.