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the northeast. this is unrelated but im going to find the mother bumper that said the south and blow his brains out. and yes i said bumper instead of the word we all know i could've but it wouldn't have let me post this.

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north and south

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The north

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Q: During the Era of Good Feelings which region of the US supported high tariffs?
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What region strongly supported the US during the cold war?

Region A

What region is a perceptual region?

a region that is made by individual human views and feelings

Look at the map below. Which region on the map was home to countries that most strongly supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

Real answer Region B for apex

Peoples feelings and attitudes about an area define what kind of region?

People's feelings and attitudes about an area define a perceptual region.People's feelings and attitudes about an area define a perceptual region.

What changes did timur bring to the region during his rule?

Timur supported the arts, literature, and science. He built many gardens, mosques, and palaces at his capital, Samarqand.

The Soviet Union supported which region of vietnam?

The Soviet Union supported the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) under Ho Chi Minh.

Which region of the US supported the states rights doctrine?

The orth

In what region was loyalist strength the greatest during the revolutionary war?

Loyalist strength was pretty much great throughout the colonies during the American Revolution because only about 1/3 of the colonists supported the Patriot Cause.

In what region of the country were tariffs helpful?

The tariff helped the North because most of the nation's factories were located there.However, it did little help the South, which remained mostly an agricultural region.

What region of the US generally supported slavery?

Before it was outlawes the south/southeast

By the 1820s this farming region in need of markets favored a policy that made land easily available and provided money for the building of roads and canals The people supported a National Bank un?

The farming region in the 1820s that originally supported the National bank was the Southern region. When the National Bank changed their policies and made loans harder to get the people no longer supported the National Bank.

What is a region that is defined by people's shared attitudes cultures and feelings?

a socialist utopia