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Q: In what region of the country were tariffs helpful?
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What are the positive and negative effects of tariffs?

Tariffs, or taxes on foreign imports, can be helpful to a country's economy by blocking competition from other countries. However, often when one country places a tariff on foreign goods, the country places its own tariff on the first country. Tariffs are not appreciated by the country on which it is being placed.

What part of the country liked tariffs?

Tariffs worked mostly (and probably only) for the Northern states.

What is the main purpose of tariffs on imports?

Tariffs provide revenue for the country buying the imported goods. If a country wants to export goods to a country, they have to pay a tariff(tax) to be allowed to do so. China pays very low tariffs to the US on the goods they export to us.

Which part of the country was for tariffs?

At one point, the South was initially all for tariffs. They later changed their views because economic development did not progress as planned in that area of the country.

What does sectionism mean?

to be helpful no it doesnt mean to be means to have pride in one's region.

Why do high tariffs restrict international trade?

Tariffs are fees excised on goods coming into a country. As a result, traded goods cost more when there are high tariffs, and this limits their sale.

When country's create tariffs they?

set taxes on imported goods

What is the impact on a country's economy if other countries establish new tariffs on imports from that country?

Switzerland's profits will decline because the tariffs will cause the other countries to buy chemicals internally.

Nearly every country in the world uses protective tariffs to limit or restrict their imports and exports?

These protective tariffs ensure that a country does not export too many products until it runs out of the products or resources. The tariffs also protect its citizens from unfair competition by importers.

What did clay believe would result from high tariffs?

clay believe that high tariffs helped all regions of the country , not just the north

What things have tariffs?

A tariff may be applied by a country A on a product P which is imported from country B. Different countries have different rules about whether or not they impose tariffs depending on the product and partner country. The question, therefore, needs to be more specific.

Is a region a country?

NO... a region is an area inside a country.