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Q: During the Revolution War people living in the colonies were often split into three groups- Patriots Loyalists and those who were Neutral. If you live in the coloies during this time explain which gro?
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Who were the Loyalists and the Patriots?

During The Revolutionary War, people either sided with the king, loyalists, or people who wanted freedom, patriots. Neutralists were the group who sided with any, they simply did not really care!

Who lived in the colonies but did not fight the British?

The American colonists who still supported the British were called loyalists or Tories (for the dwindling Tory political party, used to ridicule conservative politicians close to George III). It was difficult for any colonist to remain "neutral" when pressured by both sides, who considered anyone not "for" them to be "against" them.

Who were colonists who was undecided about independence from Britain?

Colonists who opposed Britain and wanted freedom were patriots. Colonists who were loyal to Britain were loyalists or Tories. Most of the colonists wanted or didn't want freedom, so there really was no need to a name.

Approximately what fraction of the American public was likely to remail Loyalist during the Revolution?

Perhaps as many as 65% were either loyalists or neutral with mixed allegiences. Of the 35% who were sympathetic to the revolution, only 10% were prepared to die for their beliefs. Remember, only 77 men stood at Lexington to face the British who were enroute to find Adams and Henry and seize the peoples weapons. I imagine that many people today feel that it could never happen again. But, it is inevitable that as loyalists and tyranical rule grows like a cancer, they will inevitably come once more for the weapons. And once again, it will take no more than 77 men to light the fires of a new resistance. Then, the true patriots, those who are willing to defend and protect our republic and our constitution from tyranical rule and those who abuse the rights of the people, will eventually prevail. And as before, the tyrants and those that support them, will underestimate them,and their love of freedom, liberty, and the republic. These patriots are the very ones who will step forward, knowing the risks, and defend it with their lives if necessary, from those who have been responsible for the attempt to destroy the very foundations upon which it was built. As Patrick Henry said, " I regret I only have one life to give for my country." America will ALWAYS have men such as Henry to ensure our Republic will forever stand. The tories and loyalists will quietly laugh at them, but the patriots will have the last laugh. I find that comforting. Today, 80% of the people are loyalists, oblivious to the damage being done to our Republic. They sit and watch quietly and believe nothing is worth personal risk and will sit on the sidelines waiting to see who wins. It is always the few that shed blood for the many. Some things never change. Thomas Jefferson

What events at kings mountain caused formerly neutral colonist to support the patriots?

the patriots crushed a loyalist militia, and they executed many of the prisoners

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Were the unmarried ladies of American during the revolutionary war loyalists neutral or patriots?

They were Patriots in the American Revolution.

Were many southern presbyterians loyalsts or patriots?

Presbyterians in the southern colonies were divided in their political views at the time of the Revolution. Some were loyalists while others were rebels or "patriots," as was true in the mid-Atlantic and New England colonies.

Who were the Patriots Loyalist Tories and Neutral?

The Tories were - Loyalists The Patriots were - Rebels No Neutral team

Were most native Americans patriots loyalists or neutral?

I say they were mostly loyalists.

What is the difference between a patriot and a loyalist?

Neutral ^ that's wrong loyalist is someone who was loyal to Great Brittan and a patriot was someone who was against Great Brittan. After the Revolutionary war the patriots won and that is how the 13 colonies became the USA.

Who were the Loyalists and the Patriots?

During The Revolutionary War, people either sided with the king, loyalists, or people who wanted freedom, patriots. Neutralists were the group who sided with any, they simply did not really care!

Did patriots loyalists or neutral people say people who profiteer are traitors to the cause of freedom?


A colonist who opposed the revolution?

The Patriots are the group of colonists that faced hostility.

John Adams estimated that colonist were split in what way?

One third Patriots, one third Loyalists, and one third neutral

What are the five different types of loyalists before 1784?

There was only one type of loyalists. They were the people loyal to the king. A colonist was either for the revolution, neutral, or loyal to the king. There were really no gray areas in it.

What were most native Americans loyalists or patriots?

Um actually most Native Americans were Neutral meaning would not take the Patriots nor Britains side. They did not believe violence solved anything and tried to stay out of the wars.

Did everyone in the colonies take sides?

No, not everyone in the colonies took sides during the American Revolution. There were those who remained neutral or were unsure about which side to support. Some colonists, especially Native Americans and enslaved individuals, had their own distinct interests and often did not have a clear allegiance to either the Patriots or the British.