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they invented the crayloa crayon - im pretty sure

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Q: Edward William Binney and Harold smith invented what?
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Where were edward binney and Harold smith from?


What is Name of the king in 1065 in England?

First was Edward the Confessor and after he died it was Harold Godwinson and then William the Conqueror.

The king of England between 1042-1066?

In 1066 the country of England was conquered by the army of William, Duke of Normandy who established himself as William I, King of England. But William was not the first king of England. The first was Egbert back in 800 AD or so and there had been 24 kings of England from then until William arrived. Remember one of William's soldiers supposedly killed the previous king, King Harold, by shooting him in the eye with an arrow. More information In the year 1066, there were four people who held, or claimed, the title "King of England." Edward the Confessor had been King since 8th June 1042, and he died on 5th January 1066. He was immediately succeeded by Harold Godwinson, a powerful nobleman from the House of Wessex. Harold claimed that Edward the Confessor had promised the Crown to him. William, Duke of Normandy, also claimed that Edward had promised the Crown to him - both claims may be true, it is possible that Edward had made the same promise to both men. In October 1066, William of Normandy invaded England and famously defeated and killed Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066. He not only proclaimed himself King, but claimed ownership of all the land in England "by right of conquest." The Wittan, an early forerunner of Parliament, claimed that Edgar the Atheling, a grandson of an earlier English King, should inherit the Crown, but accepted William as King a few weeks after the Battle. William's coronation as King William I, took place on Christmas Day 1066.

Who became King after Edward abdicated the throne?

When King Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, his younger brother Albert became King George VI (father of the current Queen).

Who was Prime minister after Edward Heath?

Harold Wilson 1974 to 1976. When he resigned he was replaced by James Callaghan

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What did Harold and edward binney invented in1903?

Actually it was Harold smith and edward binney they invented the crayola crayon

What did edward binney and Harold smith invent and when?

Edward Binney and Harold Smith invented crayons in 1903.

Where did Harold smith and Edward Binney live?

Harold Smith and Edward Binney invented the crayon Harold Smiths Birthday was on the same day he died.

Edward binney and Harold smith invented what object in 1903?

In 1300

What did Edward Binney invent?

He invented crayola crayons with his partner Harold Smith

What did Edward Binney and Harold Smith invente in 1903?

Binney and Smith invented the Crayola crayon. Alice Binney, wife of Edwin and a schoolteacher herself, came up with the name "Crayola".

Where were edward binney and Harold smith from?


Edward binney and Harold smith nationality?


What is Edward binney Harold smith nationality?

this website is stupid

Who invented craola croyons?

Edwin Binney and Harold Smith invented crayola crayons

When were crayons first invented?

invented by cousins, Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith

Who was Edward binney?

He is the co-founder of Crayola Crayons. The othe co-founder is Harold Smith.