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Q: Where were edward binney and Harold smith from?
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What did edward binney and Harold smith invent and when?

Edward Binney and Harold Smith invented crayons in 1903.

What did Harold and edward binney invented in1903?

Actually it was Harold smith and edward binney they invented the crayola crayon

Where did Harold smith and Edward Binney live?

Harold Smith and Edward Binney invented the crayon Harold Smiths Birthday was on the same day he died.

Edward binney and Harold smith nationality?


What is Edward binney Harold smith nationality?

this website is stupid

Edward binney and Harold smith invented what object in 1903?

In 1300

What did Edward Binney invent?

He invented crayola crayons with his partner Harold Smith

What did Edward Binney and Harold Smith invente in 1903?

Binney and Smith invented the Crayola crayon. Alice Binney, wife of Edwin and a schoolteacher herself, came up with the name "Crayola".

Who was Edward binney?

He is the co-founder of Crayola Crayons. The othe co-founder is Harold Smith.

What did edward binney and Harold smith?

Edwind Binney and Harold Smith made crayons because they saw how the children had to use sticky chalk and the chalk get over there clothing and hand. So they decide to improve it and made crayons.

Edward William Binney and Harold smith invented what?

they invented the crayloa crayon - im pretty sure

How old is Edwin binney and Harold smith?

he was 68 wen Edwin Binney died idk bout Harold smith sorry.