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its actually representatives.

people aren't elected officials.

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An elected official who votes on behalf of others is called a representative.

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Q: Elected officials who vote behalf of others?
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How are officials elected in Mexico?

By direct popular vote.

What state executive offices are elected by popular vote?

All state officials are elected by popular vote.

Why is person elected to public service?

A person is elected to public service through a democratic process where citizens vote for the candidate they believe will best represent their interests. Elected officials are chosen to make decisions on behalf of the public and enact policies that reflect the will of the people.

What are elected officials that make laws?

Council members are elected officials that can make laws. The vote must be by majority before the law will become an ordinance.

Who do elected officials work for?

Elected officials are representatives, and ultimately they work for the people who vote for them (their constituents). As members of a government, they are employees of that government, until such time as they are replaced or voted out of office.

which of these individuals would be considered a citizen of roman republic?

A doctor who has the right to vote for elected officials of the government

What is the dilemma that elected members of a legislature body must deal with?

Elected legislative officials have two basic problems concerning how they vote. They must vote based on what they believe is in the best interests of their constituency or vote on issues that help the nation as a whole.

Where does the government get its power?

the citizens of America. Government gets it's power from the people who vote into office our elected officials. Our elected officials then create laws that govern society.

Who makes the law concerning bankruptcy?

They are Federal Laws, all of which are made by Congress and passed by vote of your elected officials.

A democracy will last only until its elected officials vote themselves benefits?

While partially true, the death nail is when the people realize they can vote themselves benefits from the taxation of "others". That is what separated us from England. It has been the central focus of many civil wars.

Whose vote is most important in an ancient roman election?

There was really no "most important" vote in Roman elections as different officials were elected by each voting assembly.

What is Anti Incumbency factor?

An anti-incumbent vote is one exercised against elected officials currently in power. It allows the voters to register their discontent with sitting government officials..