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Special Forces (Green Berets)

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Special Forces

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Q: Elite antiguerilla military units expanded by Kennedy as part of his doctrine of flexible response?
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What is the purpose of joint doctrine?

To enhance effectiveness of joint forces by providing fundamental principles that guide the employment if US military forces toward a common objective.

What is official American policy that stated that disorder in Latin America could force the US to send its military into Latin American nations to protect America?

monroe doctrine

What is the Eishenhower Doctrine?

The Eisenhower doctrine occured during the midst of a "Cold War" between the United States with it's allies and the communist Soviet Union. The term Eisenhower Doctrine refers to a speech by Preside Dwight D. Eisenhower on 5 January 1957, within a "Special Message to the Situation in the Middle East". Under the Eisenhower Doctrine, a country could request American economic assistance and/or aid from U.S. military forces if it was being threatened by armed aggression from a communist state. It created lot of Anti-Americanism in the Middle East. The result was that doctrine ended in 1959.

What did the Reagan doctrine call for the US do?

Among other things, it called for the US to protect its interests abroad through the existence of a strong military. If they think you can successfully invade, they (other countries) are less likely to encroach on your interests abroad. Also the Reagan Doctrine called for obvious and open loyalty to allies.

Why did the United States renew its commitment to support the Monroe Doctrine with mility force after the Spanish-American War?

The United States wanted to keep the military ready in case of unexpected combat in Asia

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Military flexible deterrent options (FDOs) can only be initiated after unambiguous warning.?

what is military flexible deterrent

Can Military flexible deterrent options (FDOs) can only be initiated after unambiguous warning?

what is military flexible deterrent

Do military robots have flexible joints?


What has the author John G Hines written?

John G. Hines has written: 'Defense and counteroffensive under the new Soviet military doctrine' -- subject(s): Defensive (Military science), Military doctrine, Offensive (Military science)

What was Hitlers reaction to the terms to the treaty of Versailles?

he expanded and strengthened Germany's military

What is strategic and military doctrine?

Strategy is the big picture on how the war will be fought. Doctrine is the accepted procedures in applying equipment, weapons, and men.

Can military flexible deterrent options be initiated after unambiguous warning?


What was not incorporated in the bush doctrine?

This is hard to answer based on the information given, but the Bush Doctrine generally was used to unilaterally pursue U.S. military interests.

What doctrine does the US employ its military capabilities at home and abroad in support of its national security goals?

the range of military operations

What is an important us military capability according to joint doctrine on internal defense?

Influence the professionalism of the host nation military

American military involvement in Vietnam can be explained as an extension of which policy?

The Truman Doctrine

American military involvement in Korea and Vietnam was an extension of which policy?

The truman doctrine