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Mass Communication is different from other forms of communication in that it all takes place in public, even if its participants are never in the same room with each other. Reciprocal one-on-one communication is not possible in mass communication, except if it takes place in front of an audience.

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Q: Examine critically the salient features of the definition of mass communication that set it apart from other forms of communications?
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Unified communications systems typically include the means to integrate real-time or near-real time unified messaging, collaboration and interactive systems. For example, a single user can access a variety of communication applications such as e-mail, SMS, video, fax, voice, and others through a single user mailbox.

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technical communication has three essential features: Precision, Brevity Simplicity and being purely objective in style and attitude.

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Your eyes are the most readable in an non verbal communication.

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in oral communication no need to written foam .you can communicate face to face or uses of words in distance place like when we talk in mobile. But in written communication without writing it is impossible to communicate. when we write some thing in a paper or other medium like type in computer.. or documents used in offices etc . written communication is more better then the oral communication because without written how it is possible to show a proof of any record