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Updated: 4/28/2022
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Theodore Roosevelt faced the first energy crisis. The Pennsylvania Coal Mine Strike. Back during the time of Teddy Roosevelt, coal was the most important fossil fuel, as it is today. Most of the United States' coal came from Pennsylvania. The strike was lasting too long for the American People to survive the harsh winter. Therefore, the Federal Government assumed a role it wasn't legally allowed to play and interfered with Capitalism. The National Guard was sent into Pennsylvania to regain some cohesive order. Roosevelt took the role of mediator between the Union and the Companies' owners. He was assuming (taking) a role he was not technically allowed to. However, this was over-looked because Roosevelt was a one of the very few non-corrupt politicians and a man of high integrity. Even his most sincere enemies respected his decisions. In this case, he did what he had to to ensure the Publics' safety That's an example of "Role Taking". However, that is a very bizarre term; I have a feeling that you wanted to ask something else.

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Q: Example of role taking
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