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under the u.s Constitution congress does not have the power to abolish a state nor can a state assume a power intended for

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Q: Explain how federalism works in a Democracy?
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Are federalism and democracy the same thing?


Are federalism and democracy basically the same thing?

No, federalism is when there is a strong central government. Democracy is when the people vote on what to do. However, both types of governance rely on representation through free elections, by its citizens.

How federalism did not work during Hurricane Katrina?

federalism never works, why would it work then

What has the author A W MacMahon written?

A. W. MacMahon has written: 'Administering federalism in a democracy'

Why is federalism generally associated with democracy?

i had this question too.....go to this answered my question

What did Alexis de Tocqueville believe would provide limitation on any excess of democracy?


How does the system of federalism help protect states rights?

Unitary government consists of one central power or national government. Federalism was established by the drafters of the constitution of the united states. It was specifically designed to uphold democracy and democratic values.

What was the purpsoe to the principles of democracy?

popular soverighty, limited government, separation of powers, check and balances, and federalism

Is the sharing of power between a central government and the states that make up a country-Democracy or Ferderalism?


What form of democracy works on a local level?

indirect democracy

Can you explain how the political system of democracy works and how it differs from a dictatorship?

Very simple. Democracy allows, or attempts to allow, people to govern themselves and decide how they will live. Theoretically no one is above the law in a democracy. With a dictatorship people are told what to do and how to live, and they have no say in the matter. It is possible for a dictatorship to be benevolent and a democracy to be unjust, but people will often choose democracy over dictatorship, if they have a choice.

Which form of democracy works only on a local level?

direct democracy