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There were three core concepts to enlightenment thinking; reason, Social Sciences and progress. Two enlightenment thinkers were Bernard de Fontenelle and Pierre Bayle.

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Jean Jacques Rousseau and john Locke

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Q: Explain the core of Enlightenment thinking Name at least two Enlightenment thinkers?
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Who did the enlightenment benefit the least?

The Enlightenment benefited marginalized groups such as women, people of color, and the lower class the least. While the Enlightenment emphasized reason, individual rights, and progress, these groups faced continued discrimination and lack of access to the rights and privileges championed by Enlightenment thinkers.

What least characterizes the Enlightenment?

The least characteristic of the Enlightenment is likely the belief in traditional religious authority or divine right. Enlightenment thinkers tended to prioritize reason, individualism, and skepticism of established institutions over blindly accepting religious dogma or monarchial rule.

How did the enlightenment affect changes in popular outlook in European society?

The Enlightenment encouraged critical thinking, reason, and individual autonomy, challenging traditional authority and beliefs. This led to an increased emphasis on science, logic, and human rights, influencing popular outlook by promoting a more secular, progressive, and rational perspective in European society.

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What is Siddhartha's messege about the journey to enlightenment and reaching enlightenment?

Enlightenment will come to you when you least expect it, if your heart is truly ready.

Was the Enlightenment more significant than the industrial revolution in shaping the modern world?

That is a matter of opinion. Enlightenment thinking is responsible for the way that modern democracies function, industrialization is responsible for the way the economy in those democracies (and in other 'modern' countries) functions. You could however argue that the form of industrialization that the industrial revolution started is already changing under the influence and possibilities of today's digital age; but that the democratic form of government that is a result of Enlightenment thinking still endures and will continue to do so for a considerable time. So it's debatable which of the two is more 'significant'; Enlightenment is at least more enduring.

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