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Did the british governments overreact to the colonal protesis .by issuing the intolerable

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Did the British Government act wisely with its dealings with the American colonies between 1765 and 1776

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Q: Explain whether you think the British government acted wisely in its dealings with the colonies 1765 and 1775?
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Explain how Britain's colonial policies contributed to the growth of self-government in the colonies?

There are many reasons overall, but the most prevalent ways that self-government grew in the colonies was the desire to be free of the near-tyrannical control the British ruling class imposed on the commerce of the day

Explain the significance of British settlement in the West Indies for the mainland colonies?

well, this was a time of Gold for the British

Explain why some british politicians thought it would be good for Great Britain to keep the colonies?


Explain the negative effect on the British colonists in North America after the war was won?

The former British colonies had achieved independence but had lost their primary European trading partner.

Define salutary and explain its role in british rule over the american colonies?

Salutary neglect was a British policy employed to revolt the strict enforcement of parliamentary laws, to keep the American colonies loyal to England, and it led to death, and massive revolts.

Why was written the Declaration of Independence?

In Jefferson's words, the Declaration was written, "In order to place before mankind the common sense of the matter in terms so plain and simple as to command their assent."The Declaration of Independence was drafted and sent to King George III of England politely requesting independence from English rule.It asserted a philosophy of government that said that any government can only rule with the consent of the governed and that the basic purpose of government is to protect people's rights. It gave many examples of how the government of Great Britain had violated the rights of the colonists and so lost their consent. It then proclaimed that, as a result of this, the colonies were free and independent states.To be specific, there were two reasons for the Declaration:To declare to the world, that the British Colonies in America were declaring themselves an independent nation.To explain (by listing the grievances against the King) why the colonies were declaring independence.

What does Article I of the Articles of Confederation explain?

How the colonies have controled themselves.

Explain how Australia's six colonies were ruled before 1900?

They each had a Constitution, a Legislative Assembly elected by adult male citizens, and a Legislative Council upper house, of which the members were elected in some colonies, appointed by the colony's governor in others. The governor of each colony was appointed by the British government (nominally by the Queen/King) and authorised laws passed by their parliament on advice from a Council comprising selected ministers of the government. The voters/citizens might have thought they were not 'ruled' but governed. In representative democracy the members of parliament represent their constituents, they don't rule them.

Explain the role of local government in the government hierarchy?

I is the book

Had Britain given each colony the degree of self-government found in Connecticut and Rhode Island the Revolution might never have occurred Do you agree or disagree Explain?

The revolution would likely still have occurred, because more of the colonies had grievances and less self-government.

How is Indiana's government like the federal government?

explain how the indiana state government is similar to our federal government

What documents explain why it was time for the colonies to separate from Britain?

The Declaration of Independence - apex!