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Updated: 4/28/2022
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The preamble of the Constitution set out the idea of why the US was formed. It also expressed the main ideas of the US: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Q: Explanation of preamble
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What An introduction or an explanation about what will follow?

It is a preamble

What do you call the opening statement of the declaration of independence?

The Introduction to the Declaration is The Preamble.

Which American ideal is expressed in the preamble of the US Constitution?

The preamble of the Constitution is the explanation of what the Constitution is about and tells the main points of it.

What is the antonym of postscript?

The antonym of postscript is "preamble." A postscript is an additional note added at the end of a letter or document, while a preamble is an introductory statement or explanation at the beginning.

Why is the preamble necessary in a constitution you the Philippines?

The preamble is not an essential part of the Constitution. Notice that it is not one of the Essential requisites of a Good written Constitution. But it is important because it serves to provide an orientation or explanation of the context of the constitution.

What part of the constitution expresses the goals and purposes of government?

The Preamble states the purposes of government: To form a more perfect union to establish justice to ensure domestic tranquility to provide for the common defense to promote the general welfare to secure the blessings of liberty

What part of the Constitution lists six goals for the national government?

The Preamble. (:

What is the constitutions opening segment called?

The preamble

What is the definition for preamble?

The word preamble means introduction. Words that are synonyms for preamble are prelude and preface. The word preamble is a noun.

What is the difference between preamble and Preamble?


What is an antonym for preamble?

The opposite of preamble is postscript

What country has the longest preamble?

The Philippines has a preamble that consists 75 words which makes it the longest preamble in the world.