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Q: Ferdinand was King of when he married Isabella?
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Who did queen Isabella marry?

she married king Ferdinand II of Aragon

What year did Queen Isabella get married?

Queen Isabella I (Isabella the Catholic) got married to King Ferdinand V in 1469.

Who was married to Isabella of Castille?

Ferdinand II of Aragon.

Ferdinand was King of what when he married Isabella?

Ferdinand II was king of Sicily and of Aragon. After his marriage to Isabella he became king of Castile. These kingdoms eventually combined to become Spain.

Why was Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand famous?

why was king Ferdinand and queen Isabella famous

What were the names of the queen and king who sponsored Columbus' trip?

It was king Ferdinand and Queen Isabella :)

Who was married to Queen Isabella?

Ferdinand of Aragon

Where was marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ruled in Spain at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century. They are responsible for sponsoring some of the voyages of Christopher Columbus.

Was Queen Isabella 1 married?

Yes. Isabella I was married to Ferdinand II of Aragon.

What were the names of the two Spanish monarchs who paid for Columbus' expedition?

It was King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella the first of Spain. Ferdinand (1452-1516) was Ferdinand II of Aragon and Ferdinand V of Castille following his marriage to Isabella I, queen of Castille (1451-1504).

Was King Ferdinand's lover Isabella?

Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Aragon, married Isabella, heir to the throne of Castille, in 1469. When she ascended to the throne in 1474 as Isabella I, and he to the throne of Aragon as Ferdinand II in 1479, they jointly ruled the lands which constituted the political state known as España (Spain).

Who married Ferdinand?

I believe it is Isabella of Castile.