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King Charles II was the first spanish king to send African slaves to the Americas.

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King Charles II

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Q: First spanish king to send slaves to new world?
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Spanish king who sent the first African slaves to the new world?

King Charles II

What town in Virginia first had slaves?

Jamestown the first settlement of the U.S. Named after King James.

Why did the Spanish come to the new world?

the spanish come to the new world for: god , gold and glory. some just came to the new world to start over and because of this the aztec empire had fallen. The Aztec people had become slaves.

Where can the first documentation about slavery in human history be found?

The Code of Hammurabi, written by the Babylonian king, mentions the treatment of slaves

A policy whereby a certain number of Indian slaves were granted to landowners by the king is called What?

The policy you are referring to is known as the encomienda system, where Spanish conquistadors were granted the right by the king to extract labor and tribute from indigenous peoples in the Americas.

How would the world be different if Martin Luther King Jr haven't existed?

There would still be slaves.

Who expanded the hapsburg possessions to include Spanish territory in the New world?

Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, who was also elected First King of Spain in 1516 with the name of Charles I King of Spain.

Who was the first king of world?

There is a "king" who is the king of everything which is known as god or jesus. There is no ordaniary man who ruled the world.

If the Civil War was over slavery why wasn't the northern slaves freed first?

First of all, the civil war was not fought over slavery. The Northern slaves were freed first because it took longer for King Lincoln's army to beat down the confederacy. The slaves in the south weren't freed until reconstruction.

What is the Spanish word for king?

the Spanish words for king is 'rey"

Who was the king during The Spanish Inquisition?

King Ferdinand was the king during the Spanish Inquisition.

Who approved christopher Columbus first voyages?

Spanish crown Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.