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Spanish Armada

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Q: What war did king george start?
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Who was british pm at start of World War 2?

King George VI was king throughout World War II.

What did King George do?

king george was in the revolutionary war.

Why did King George the third not want war?

King George the 3rd DID want war.

Why did King George start Revolutionary War?

i dont know this question wasnt ask yet

Are there any revolutionary war words that start with the letter K?

You could use King George lll, the king of England at the time.

Who was the king in the rev war?

KIng George

Who was the king of Britain during the revolutionary war?

King George III

What was king george's age during the war?

King George was 58 yearsold during the war

Who was king during American revolutionary war?

King George NEW RESPONDENT King George III

Was King George King in world war 1?

Yes - George V (5th).

How did King George III help start the American Revolutionary War?

He wouldn't let the colonies have representation in Dairy Queen..

What can be referenced as the official start of the rebellion of the colonies?

The 1760 conclusion of the French and Indian War, and the ascension of King George III