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War of the Austrian succession (1740-1748)

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Q: What was King George's War also known as?
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How did the War affect the American colonies?

king Georges war affected the colonies by not giving them any room

Who Fought Against King Georges War?

It was fought against France in the 1740's.

Who was Georges Lambert?

Georges Lambert was a French painter, 1919-1998, mainly of landscapes. There was also an Australian painter George Washington Thomas Lambert 1873 -1930, known principally for portrait paintings and as a war artist during the First World War.

What was king Georges first order of the war?

to take over lexington and concord, and take their military supplies

Who was the wampanoag leader called king Philip?

Metacom, or Metacomet, was the Wampanoag leader who was also known as King Philip. He was a sachem for the Wampanoag and led them in a resistance that is known as King Philip's War.

What was Georges Clemenceau known for?

He is remembered for his wit and his wartime leadership of France during World War I.

How did king georges reaction to the declaration of rights affect the relationship between Britain and the colonists?

because he started war

Indian leader who waged an unsuccessful war against New England?

King PhilipKing PhilipMetacom, also known as King Philip by the English

Who won the king Philip's war?

The puritans won the brutal war known and the war of king philip's

The war of 1812 was also known as the what?

It's also known as 'The War of 1812' in Britain.

Who was the belgium leader in 1914?

At the end of World War One, Albert the First was the King of Belgium and Leon Delacroix was the Prime Minister

What was World War 1 known as?

The Great War or The War to End All Wars