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In the Gettysburg Address President Lincoln says the soldiers at Gettysburg died so that the nation might live. This statement implies they died so the entire United States would one day be intact again. However, the rest of the speech leads you to believe they died to end slavery.

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Q: For what cause does Lincoln say the soldiers at Gettysburg died?
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What was lincolns message in the Gettysburg address?

President Lincoln's main message was to raise the morale of the soldiers fighting the civil war and honor the deceased soldiers of the Union. With this message, he urged the soldiers of the Union to keep strong, and to strive for victory. While speaking of the soldiers' bravery, Lincoln was actually speaking to the entire nation, both North and South. His words beckoned the American people to preserve the nation that had been created "four score and seven years ago...". He wanted all of the American people to realize that preserving the Union would be a difficult task, but in honor of the men who fought and died there this should be done.

What does Lincoln accomplish by referring to the Declaration of Independence?

The reason Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address is because he was reminding people about the billions of people that died from the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Also because he was asked to speak a few words at the dedication ceremony for the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. And because he hates you.

How old was Abraham Lincoln when George Washington died?

George Washington died in December 1799; Abraham Lincoln was born in February 1809. Abraham Lincoln was not yet born when George Washington died. George Washington died in 1799. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, 10 years after George Washington died.

Was Thomas Jefferson friends with Abraham Lincoln?

No. Lincoln was only 17 when Jefferson died.

What son of Abraham Lincoln died?

While Abraham Lincoln was alive he had two sons that died as children. The first was Edward or 'Eddie' who died of what was listed as consumption. He was the second son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln and died on February 1st, 1850. Their second son to die was William or 'Willy'. He died of typhoid fever on February 20th, 1862. Of the four Lincoln sons, only Robert, the first born, lived to see old age. He died July 26th, 1926 of a cerebral hemorrhage. The youngest son, Thomas or 'Tad', died at age 18 on July 1st, 1871.

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According to Lincoln for what cause did union soldiers die at Gettysburg?

The text of the Gettysburg Address indicates that Abraham Lincoln believed that the soldiers who died in the battle, had died to preserve the Union and the ideals of democracy on which it was based. He hopes that these ideals will survive and not perish.

How did Lincoln comment on the men who died in the battle?

Lincoln memorialized them in the Gettysburg Address.

What was Lincoln's purpose in delivering the Gettysburg Address?

He wrote the Gettysburg Address to talk about the many soldiers who died at the Battle of Gettysburg.

What did President Lincoln dedicate at Gettysburg in his Gettysburg Address?

They were dedicating the Gettysburg Cemetery at the place where all the soldiers from both sides had died at the battle of Gettysburg

What did Lincoln mean by the phrase We are highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain?

To encourage feelings of responsibility to continue fighting for the cause.

What was the name of the cemetery that Lincoln dedicated to the soldiers who died in the civil war?

Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Who inspired Lincoln not to mention any specific soldiers who died at Gettysburg?

William Saunders :]

Inspired Lincoln not to mention any specific soldiers who died at Gettysburg?

Willam Saunders

What was the name of President Lincoln's speech that honored the soldiers who died at Gettusburg?

First of all, its spelled Gettysburg, and its called the Gettysburg Address.

What did Abraham Lincoln dedicate the Gettysburg Address to?

I might be wrong.... but I believe he dedicated it to the soldiers who died, the soldiers who fought, the horrendous tragedy, or the people of Gettysburg. I hope my input helps you!

What happened on November 19 1863?

President Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, dedicating the Soldiers' National Cemetery, a National Cemetery to the soldiers who died during the Gettysburg Battle, in July of 1863.

What speech was given by president Lincoln to honor the soldiers that died during the civil war?

Gettysburg Address