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In a government there is a process that is in place that allows for the ability to formally accuse a federal official of wrongdoing. This process is called impeachment.

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Q: Formally accuse a federal official of wrongdoing?
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Formally to accuse a federal official of wrongdoing is called?

?? An accusation ?? Unknown what the questioner is looking for.

What is a synonym for to charge with wrongdoing?

To accuse someone of wrongdoing.

To formally accuse a public official of breaking the rules that say how one should act in office?


What word mean to accuse?

The word "incriminate" means to accuse someone of a crime or wrongdoing.

What does impeach mean in a social studies?

To accuse someone of wrongdoing.

What does it mean to formally accuse?


To accuse a politican of wrong doing?

Impeachment is the process where a politician is accused of wrongdoing. Penalties for impeachment can include removal from office as well as criminal and civil penalties. Bill Clinton was the second, and last, United States President to go through impeachment.

What is the means of accused?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the definitions of "accuse" are as follows:# To charge with a shortcoming or error; # To charge formally with a wrongdoing. To read more about the word and its usage, see via the Related Link.

What powers does the House have?

Can impeach (formally accuse) the president.

What is it called to formally accuse someone of a crime?

ImpeachmentThe House of Representatives has the sole authority to impeach (accuse) an official on charges of misconduct in office (called articles of impeachment).

How do you use blamlessness in a sentence?

She spoke with such blamlessness that nobody could accuse her of any wrongdoing.

What house must accuse officials suspected of wrongdoing?

search up in the america journey 2012 social studies book