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George Washington was home schooled for the most part. He attended The College of William & Mary to obtain a surveyor's certificate, but did not have a college degree.

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he was home schooled by his father and his brother.

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Q: George Washington's early life and education?
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If you go to Wikipedia and scroll down under King George's portrait there is a photo of his signature. It is on the right of the "Early Life and Education" category.

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Answer (answers may vary in canada):George Washington was in office from 1998 to 2001.His term was ended one year early becuase while he was sleeping he got raped and died of herpes. George Washingtons life 1400 BC - 2001

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George Washington was a planter and military officer. He had no education he was self taught. He got married to Martha Dandridge as he second husband. He did not have any of his own kids but he was a step-father to Martha's children from her first marriage...

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