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John Craven was the very first Secretary of State

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Q: George Washington's first Secretary of State was?
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What were the names of washingtons first secretary of state and the secretary of the treasury?

Washington's first Secretary of State was Thomas Jefferson and his first Secretary of Treasury was Alexander Hamilton

Who was not in the Washingtons 1st cabinet?

Thomas Jefferson was not in George Washington's 1st cabinet. Jefferson served as the United States' first Secretary of State under President Washington's successor, John Adams.

Who was in George Washingtons first cabinet?

Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War: Henry Knox Attorney General: Edmund Jennings Randolph

Who was the first to serve as secretary of state?

Thomas Jefferson was the first secretary of state under George Washington.

What are the names of George Washington's first secretary of state and the secretary of the treasury?

Washington's first Secretary of State was Thomas Jefferson. His first Secretary of Treasury was Alexander Hamilton. His first Secretary of War was Henry Knox.

Who was George Washingtons Secretary of the Treasury?

Alexander Hamilton was the first choice as George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton set up the tax and banking system of the new United States.

To what position did George Washington appoint Jefferson while he was president?

George Washington appointed Thomas Jefferson as the first Secretary of State of the US (1790-1793).

What is washingtons first name?


What were Condoleezza Rice's major contributions?

Condoleezza Rice was the Secretary of State for George W. Bush. A contribution she made was being the first black woman as Secretary of State.

What is the state emblem for Washington state?

Both the State Flag and the State Seal bear the portrait of President George Washington.

Was Condoleezza Rice the first African American secretary of state?

Yes she was. she was Secretary of state when George W. Bush was president

Which former US army was George bush's first secretary of state?

George w. bush was in the army.