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Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson

Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton

Secretary of War: Henry Knox

Attorney General: Edmund Jennings Randolph

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i believe is was solid oak

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Q: Who was in George Washingtons first cabinet?
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Who was involved in Washingtons first cabinet and what were their titles?

John Adams and George Washington

The number of the positions in Washingtons first cabinet?

There were 7 (Seven) delegates in his first cabinet.

Who was not a member of George washingtons first government?

Who was a member of George washingtons first government

What was George Washingtons first speech?

george washingtons first speech was when he wanted 2 become presudent

What is george washingtons cabinet?

I have not heard that exact term before, but I believe what it refers to is that Washington, being the first president, had to establish the entire presidential cabinet himself, as it is not dictated in the constitution.

Who were the members of the first president cabinet?

JEFFERSON,HAMILTON, KNOX,AND RANDOLPH were Washingtons first 4 cabinet members

What is washingtons first name?


Who was in Washingtons first Cabinet?

George Washington's first cabinet had four appointees. They were Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State. Alexander Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury. Henry Knox was the Secretary of War. Edmund Randolph was Attorney General.

Who was in Washingtons cabinet?

There were four members in George Washington's cabinet. These members include Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Edmund Randolph, and Henry Knox.

What was George washingtons cabinet?

A group of his best men that he set as his advisors in every section... war, state, etc.

Who was George Washingtons first love?

Sandy Fairfax

What word was used to refer to President George Washingtons department heads and attorney general?

This group is called the president's cabinet.

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