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There were 7 (Seven) delegates in his first cabinet.

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Q: The number of the positions in Washingtons first cabinet?
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Who was in George Washingtons first cabinet?

Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War: Henry Knox Attorney General: Edmund Jennings Randolph

What is the purpose of washingtons cabinet?

Because George Washington was the first president, I would have to argue that the purpose of Washington's cabinet was to help set the foundation of America. I mean, think about it: it was during Washington's presidency that our banking system was created and established; that term alone set up America's economy for the rest of our lives. Of course, the president uses his cabinet as a reassurance tool, meaning that before he makes huge decisions that will impact millions of lives for the rest of their lives, he must talk it over with his cabinet, first.

What was the name of Martha washingtons first husband and what caused his death?

martha washingtons first husband was mr.custus and he died for no reason he just had died of an old age

How did the president's cabinet get the name cabinet?

One of the definitions of cabinet is: a body of advisers of a head of state. Therefore, as a body of advisers to the President of the United States, the term Cabinet is fitting. The name comes from English history and the cabinet of the king of England existed long before there was a United States.

Washington secretary of treasury?

President George Washington created a lot of institutions and traditions as the first president. One of the traditions he began was the presidential appointment of cabinet positions. Washington appointed four people to cabinet positions. His Secretary of the Treasury was Alexander Hamilton, the guy on the $10 bill.Rounding out the cabinet was Thomas Jefferson as the Secretary of State, Henry Knox as Secretary of War, and Edmond Randolph as the Attorney General.The modern cabinet now consists of 15 positions.

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Who were the members of the first president cabinet?

JEFFERSON,HAMILTON, KNOX,AND RANDOLPH were Washingtons first 4 cabinet members

Who was involved in Washingtons first cabinet and what were their titles?

John Adams and George Washington

Which president created the first four cabinet positions?

George Washington appointed people to fill the first four cabinet positions.

Who was not in the Washingtons 1st cabinet?

Thomas Jefferson was not in George Washington's 1st cabinet. Jefferson served as the United States' first Secretary of State under President Washington's successor, John Adams.

What is george washingtons cabinet?

I have not heard that exact term before, but I believe what it refers to is that Washington, being the first president, had to establish the entire presidential cabinet himself, as it is not dictated in the constitution.

What were the first President cabinet positions?

Washington had four cabinet members: Sec. of State, Sec. of War, Sec. of Treasury and the Attorney General.

How was the first American cabinet born?

The Constititution provides the power to creat cabinet positions. George Washington decided he needed Secretaries of State, War,Treasury and an Attorney General and asked Congress to create and fund these positions. He then appointed people to fill them and got them approved by the senate.

What cabinet positions did Thomas Jefferson appiont?

secretary of state in the first administration of George Washington, later he himself did become the president.

Who was not a member of George Washingtons first cabinet Was it Edmund Randolph Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton or William Simmons?

The members were Jefferson, Randolph, Hamilton, and Knox. Simmons was not a member.

How many positions did Washington have in his first cabinet?

4 positions Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson Secretary of War Henry Knox Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton Attorney General Edmund Randolph

What is washingtons first name?


Who was in George Washingtons first cabinet?

Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War: Henry Knox Attorney General: Edmund Jennings Randolph