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He didn't have a wife.

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he was never married

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Q: George Washington Carvers wife
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Who was Susan Carver?

She was George Washington Carvers wife and the name of his mother.

Was George Washington married if so what was his wife's name?

George Washington's wife was Martha.

Did George Washington have fun with his wife?

yes george washington did have fun with hi wife.

Who was George Washington the husband of?

George Washington's wife was Martha Washington.

Did George Washington take care of his wife?

yes George Washington did take care of his wife.

How was George Washington marry to?

George Washingtons wife is Martha Washington.-IluvJC

Name of george Washington's wife?

Martha Washington

Who was important to George Washington?

his wife!

Who was George Washington wife and sons?

George Washington's wife was Martha, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington. George Washington did not have any children ,but he happily lived with his wife Martha and spent most of his lifetime in Mount Vernon, located on the Potamic River in northern Virginia.

Was Martha Washington the only wife George Washington had?


What was George Washington's wife's name before she married George Washington?

George Washington's wife was the widow Martha Dandridge Custis (1731-1802) who married George in 1759.

Who is wife stayed at Valley Forge?

george washington's wife