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national unity

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National Unity

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Q: George Washington believed that parties could be a threat to?
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Which of these did George Washington consider to be a threat to the new colony?

Political parties.

Washington believed that the Whiskey Rebellion?

presented a direct threat to the nation.As president, George Washington did believe that the federal government needed to remain strong to prevent state or regional interests from gaining too much power.

How and why did the enlightenment pose a threat to established institutions and authority?

"it didn't, fool" --George Washington

Who expressed the concern that political party were a threat to the ability of people in the government to work together?

George Washington

What was the view of Union General George B McClellan on the radical Republicans?

Casting away General George B. McClellan's ambitions, he was sincere in his belief that radical Republicans were a threat to his war efforts. In fact he believed that Radicalism was just as great of a threat to the US republic as Southern cession.

Who are the affected parties and how should each nation respond to counter the increasing threat of piracy?

who are the affected parties

Under what conditions might third parties represent a threat to the political process?

If citizens were sufficiently angry at the major parties, a third party could represent a threat to the established parties. Anger could arise over endemic corruption, for example.

Why did the Queen of Hawaii abdicate?

The threat of death was believed.

Why did nativists see immigrants as a threat?

They believed that they took jobs

What was One of the main reasons that the US became involved in the Persian Gulf conflict?

The United States believed the war posed a threat to world oil supplies

What group believed immigrants were a threat to American citizens?

watch your profantity

Nationalism can take on for forms they are?

The real threat of these parties is not that they will take over power in Europe.