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george rogers clark

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Q: Whose expedition stopped the British in the Ohio Valley and ended any threat of a Native American attack?
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What did Sitting Bull learn as he was growing up?

how to fight with the british , the british had a war with the native Americans .sitting bull is a native American how to fight with the british , the british had a war with the native Americans .sitting bull is a native American

Who was the native American princess that stopped the fighting between early English settlers and native Americans?

This Native American princess was named Sacajawea.

What native American led coronado's expedition on a wild good chase?

It was a Native American known by the Spaniards as "El Turco," or, in English, "The Turk."

Who did Zebulon Pike meet on his expedition?

Zebulon Pike met several different Native American tribes while he was on his expedition.

Why did the native American distrust the british?

The British refused to pay Native Americans to use their land unlike the French did.

Which side did most native American support in the American revolution?

the British

Why did the native American hate and fear the colonist?

They didn't get along because the British colonists were always expanding out west into native American territory.

Which side did the most Native Americans support in the American Revolution?

the British

Were did the Chinook live?

The Chinook Native American tribe lived along the Columbia river in Oregon. They were the Native American tribe that Lewis and Clark encountered on their expedition to the Pacific ocean.

Which native American leader recognized the threat of the british?


A native american group that fought on the british side?


Why were many native American allied with the British during the war of 1812?

Well they allied with the British because the British promised to give the Natives land in return. In a sense, the British persuaded/bribed the Natives into being allies with them.