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the British

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The british

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Q: Which side did the most Native Americans support in the American Revolution?
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Which side did most native American support in the American revolution?

the British

What people in the American revolution starts with n?

Native Americans.

What British actions caused the War Hawks to push for war Against Britain?

impressment of American sailors and support for native Americans

How were Native Americans important to the American Revolution?

because they were soldiers that has a victory in yorktown

What impact did the American Revolution have on the Native Americans?

The American revolution was catastrophic to the Native American nations that were caught in the middle. They lost land, crops, and people as the two countries fought each other.

What groups was driven from much of its homeland both during and after the American Revolution?

Native Americans

Who did the US fight during the American Revolution?

Great Britain and the Loyalists and Native Americans that were allied with them

How did the American Revolution affect relations between white settlers and Native Americans?

New netherland

What side did the native Americans support in the American revolution?

Depends, some northeastern tribes supported the English while others the colonists. Just like any group there were those who were neutral.

Who is involved in each side in the American revolution?

It was the 'americans' against the english, however most of the native people were helping the would be Americans

Did Benjamin Franklin helped the native Americans or the british?

Benjamin Franklin helped the native Americans during the American revolution. he helped them with getting together and fighting back at the British

Who helped the Americans during the Revolution?

the native americans.