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Chase Carter, June 24. 1996

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Q: George Washington family tree
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Did George Washington cut down his family's cheery tree?

no he got no fameily :c

What does it mean george Washington choped down the cherry tree?

Actually, George Washington did not chop down a cherry tree, it is just a myth.

What type of tree is George Washington famous cutting down?

Cherry tree

Did George Washington cut down the cheery tree?


Who chop down apple tree?

George Washington

Washington cherry tree?

The famous Cherry tree that is associated with George Washington was supposedly killed by him as a boy. He hit it with his hatchet. It was his father's favorite tree.

What type of tree is president George Washington famous for cutting down?

cherry tree

Examples on how George Washington was trustworthy anyone got any?

George and the cherry tree

Which president is associated with not lying about a cherry tree?

George Washington

Did President Lincoln chop down a tree?

no that was George Washington

What did George Washington use when he cut the cherry tree?


What illegal plant did George Washington grow?

The Cherry Tree.