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For his great leadership and admiration.He was the first President of the United States of America and was also chosen the leader of bunker hill

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President Washington perfered to be called Henry... His closest friends called him Henry. He knew where and how long you've known him by the name you called him by, General, George, Mr. President, Henry.. The name Henry came from his teen years from his cousin thet couldn't say George. His younger cousin Pronounced it Horey and latter called him Henry.

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"The Father of his country"

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Q: George Washington is referred to as the what?
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What president referred to Rhode Island as the little baptist state of Rhode Island?

George Washington

Who was known as the father of your ciuntry?

George Washington is commonly referred to that way.

What president nickname was father of your country?

George Washington is referred to as the Father of Our Country.

What president was called the father of his county?

President George Washington is referred to as the 'Father' of the USA.

Unanimously elected chairman of the secret convention of demi-gods?

An 'assembly of demigods' is how Thomas Jefferson referred to the Constitutional Convention. George Washington was unanimously elected chairman.

How did they call it the Empire State?

In 1784 George Washington is said to have referred to New York as the Seat of Empire.

Commanded the Continental Army?

George Washington

Was George Washington born on a farm?

Yes, one could call it a farm, I think. It is usually referred to as a plantation.

Who was referred AA the father of his country?

George Washington is often referred to as the "Father of His Country" for his role as a founding father of the United States and his leadership as the first President of the country.

What did the George Washington Carver do for George Washington?

Nothing. George Washington Carver was born after George Washington had died.

Who delivered the messages from Governor Dinwiddie to the French?

George Washington George Washington GEORGE WASHINGTON

Who is the father of our country''?

George Washington