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Who the heck is George?

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Exactly, who the heck is George and why is it George?
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nothing else

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Q: George Washington studied geography and
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Where did George Washington Carver study art?

need help on homework. where did George Washington studied at?

What other subject than geography did George Washington study?

George Washington's formal education was limited, but he focused on subjects like mathematics, surveying, and military tactics. He also had an interest in history, particularly military history, and learned practical skills related to farming and land management.

What type of science did George Washington Carver study on?

George Washington Carver studied agricultural science.

What African American studied peanuts?

George Washington Carver

What did George Washington study?

Peanuts or in better terms Horticulture

Why were the Americans successful In there fight for independence?

they were leadership by george washington, geography, and help from abroad

Where did George Washington Carver study art at?

George Washington Carver did not study art. He was primarily known as a scientist and inventor, specializing in agricultural research. Carver studied agriculture and botany at Iowa State College (now Iowa State University) in the late 1800s.

What did George Washington do after the rovolutionary war?

He studied spelling while he posed for all those quarters.

Which of these is not studied in the field of geography?

Sociology is not typically studied in the field of geography. Geography focuses on the physical and spatial aspects of the Earth, such as landforms, climate, and human-environment interactions, rather than the social dynamics studied in sociology.

What is studied in Human Geography?

Human geography can be studied from two different perspectives. One way is called regional, and the way is called systematic.

How you use geography in a scentence?

I don't know much about the history of the land, but I've studied its geography.

What school did MAya Anglou go to?

George Washington High School and studied dance and drama on a scholarship at the California Labor School