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BP Oil Spill

Nuclear technology

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Q: Give two examples where modern development that is associated with progress has led to problems?
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How modern development associated with progress has created environmental problems and diseases?

there is no ans of this ques

How important the geography to the development and progress of the Philippines?

to Philippine progress and development

What are the problems with traditional measures of development?

It only looks at the one factor, economic progress and doesn't include other measures.

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Development means that progress which is going on

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SYONYMS: Elaboration,development,expansion,growth,progress,progression

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Physical and psychological development in a child follow different paths, physical progress is about fine and gross motor skills. Whereas psychological development follows emotional progress.

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The difference is that developmente is a permanent change and progress is like a step to the next level

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Tunde Obadina has written: 'The Making of Modern Africa (Africa: Progress & Problems)' 'Population And Overcrowding (Africa: Progress & Problems)'

Which progress led to the development of the modern rifle?

Math and Science

Dominica's independence theme 2009?

Celebrating progress and development

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yes it is

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Write a journal?