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BP Oil Spill

Nuclear technology

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Q: Give two examples where modern development that is associated with progress has led to problems?
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How modern development associated with progress has created environmental problems and diseases?

Modern development often prioritizes economic growth and technological advancement over environmental conservation, leading to deforestation, pollution, and climate change. These environmental changes can disrupt ecosystems, increase exposure to toxins, and contribute to the spread of diseases such as respiratory illnesses and vector-borne diseases. Urbanization and industrialization can also displace communities, exposing them to health risks and inadequate access to clean water and sanitation.

How important the geography to the development and progress of the Philippines?

to Philippine progress and development

What are the problems with traditional measures of development?

It only looks at the one factor, economic progress and doesn't include other measures.

What is the development?

Development means that progress which is going on

What is of development?

SYONYMS: Elaboration,development,expansion,growth,progress,progression

What problems did Africans encountered?

Africans encountered a range of problems, including poverty, political instability, lack of access to quality education and healthcare, corruption, environmental degradation, and conflict. These issues have hindered development and progress in many African countries.

Does child psychological development follow the same path as child physical development?

Physical and psychological development in a child follow different paths, physical progress is about fine and gross motor skills. Whereas psychological development follows emotional progress.

What has the author Tunde Obadina written?

Tunde Obadina has written: 'The Making of Modern Africa (Africa: Progress & Problems)' 'Population And Overcrowding (Africa: Progress & Problems)'

Who said that children thinking skills move from simplicity to complexity?

That idea is associated with Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Piaget believed that children progress through stages of cognitive development, with thinking skills moving from simplicity to complexity as they grow older.

What is the difference between development and progress?

The difference is that developmente is a permanent change and progress is like a step to the next level

Which of the following social theorists is identified with modernization theory?

Talcott Parsons is often associated with modernization theory, which posits that societies progress from traditional to modern forms through industrialization and economic development.

Which progress led to the development of the modern rifle?

Math and Science