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Q: Goods brought into the colonies from other countries?
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Goods brought by other countries what is this called?


What did the colonies do to get the manufactured goods they wanted?

They smuggled them in from other countries

What are goods brought from other countries called?

King ezanana

What is known as imports and exports?

Imports are goods or services brought into a country from another. Exports are goods and services sold to other countries.

What is money colonists paid for goods purchased from other countries?

The colonists were forced to pay tariffs on many of their goods which were imported from other countries. This drove up the price of the items and hurt the colonies financially.

How much do goods cost in other countries?

It depends on what kind of goods, and the quantity of goods - and what other countries!

Which two statements does not describe mercantilism?

Colonies could buy goods from other countries besides the mother country. Colonies would ship raw materials to the mother country.

Why did colonists smuggle goods into the English colonies?

They smuggled goods because they believed they were unfairly taxed by the Sugar Act with made the colonists pay taxes whenever they bought sugar or molasses. It also didn't allow them to import goods from other countries so they smuggled goods into the colonies.

Who were the ones that acted heavily taxed goods shipped in the southern colonies and countries other than England?

If this is on your studies weekly. Its Navigiation.-K

What do you call goods brought in from other regions?

There are few different goods that are brought from other regions. You can buy clothes, dishes, jewelry and animals.

How did other countries American colonies differ from Spain?

american colonies envied wealth and power from Spain.Spain had wealth other countries' colonies didnt

What is trading goods to other countries called?

The word "export" is the noun and verb meaning goods sent in trade to other countries. The word "import" refers to goods received (purchased) from other countries.