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it united the colonies into 1 and they gained respect from the other countries also showed the other countries how powerful they were.

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It served as a motivational document for the revolutionaries.

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Q: What impact did the Revolutionary War have?
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Who had the greatest impact on Revolutionary War?

the Americans

What impact was the Revolutionary War on blacks?

they got more freedom

How did freedom impact the Revolutionary War?

we wanted freedom so we started the revolutionary war to get that. Wow everybody knows that answer. Whoever asked this is stupid

How did the battle of long island impact the revolutionary war?

it didn't

What 2 crops were an impact to Georgia's economy following revolutionary war?


Who Ethan Allen?

Ethan Allen is a person who was in the revolutionary war and made an impact.

Explain the main battle of the Revolutionary War that took place in the South and what was the impact of the War on the South?


What impact has the declaration of independence had on your nation?

It declared our independence from England and started the Revolutionary War.

What impact did Besty Ross have?

she made the first united states flag during the revolutionary war.

What impact did the Declaration of Independence have on the Revolutionary War effort?

It made colonists proud and unified them in their determination.

What effects did the French and Indian War have upon Indiana?

th F & I war was pre-Revolutionary. No impact whatsoever. we gained it after th Rev. War.

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