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Q: Government corporations are bureaucratic units designed to?
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What is a bureaucratic units designed to operate like private businesses?

government corporations (PLATO) :D

Are bureaucratic units designed to operate like private businesses. A. Government corporations B. Lobbyists C. Appropriation committees D. Legislative committees?

Your using plato arnt you

Bureaucratic units designed to operate like private businesses?

This would be a government corporation. They are designed in order to take care of commercial activities for the government.

Bureaucratic units operate like a private businesses?

government corp. i think

What are the administrative units in the government made up of?

The administrative units of the government are the government entities that has the authority to affect the rights of others. The administrative units of government are responsible for rule making.

What are the units of government?


What are the government units?


Why are America's top corporations successful?

The top corporations in America are successful because they may a profit every year. They do this by selling units of their product, as well as keeping expenses low.

The administrative units in the government?

The administrative units in the government are inconsistently called agencies, administrations, commissions, and so on.

Who controls the TV and radio?

Within the United States, television and radio stations are owned by either public or privately owned corporations or units. They are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Some countries only have government owned radio and television.

What is the smallest unit of local government?

Cities and Municipalities are the smallest units of local government, but here in the Philippines, barangays are the smallest units.

Why are the SI units consistent?

The system was designed so that they would be consistent.