Governments are important because

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they enforce rules that control conduct within a population

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Q: Governments are important because
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Why is property tax so popular with local governments and why is it sometimes criticized?

It is so important because it is what creates the governments revenue.

Why have township governments declined in importance over the years?

Because they dont think anything is important mussa

True or false governments are important because they enforce rules that control conduct within a population?


Why do diffrent places vote in their elections in diffrent ways?

Because elections are controlled by state or local governments

Why is fiscal federalism important to intergovernmental relations?

Because intergovernmental relations refer to the relationship between the state and local governments. It's key to the interactions of giving funds to local governments by the national government.

Why is planning a budget important to a governments success?


Why are the 9th and 10th admendments important?

The 9th amendment is important because it states that there are more than what is stated in the Bill of Rights. The 10th amendment grants the states governments individual powers.

Why is taxation important in the phlippines?

Like all governments, that is the principle way in which governments raise revenue with wihich to operate.

Is it important for states to have reserved powers?

Balanced the power between the federal and state governments.

The supervision of local governments is a function of state governance because?

local governments are essentially entities created by state governments, and they derive their authority and powers from the state. State governments oversee and regulate local governments to ensure they operate within the framework of state laws and regulations, while also maintaining accountability and adherence to state policies. This supervision is important for maintaining consistency, preventing abuse of power, and promoting effective governance at the local level.

Why are governmental decisions important for all of us?

The reason governmental decisions are important for all of us is because those decisions impact all of us. For example, governments create laws that citizens have to follow.

What obstacles does the division of power present to the enactment of important legislation in the government?

It is important because governments must stay within their constitutional jurisdiction. Legislation represents the people, and thus they must vote on bills.