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The reason governmental decisions are important for all of us is because those decisions impact all of us. For example, governments create laws that citizens have to follow.

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Q: Why are governmental decisions important for all of us?
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Why are governmental decisions important for all?

If they start a war it falls on us or they raise taxes we the people are stuck

The economics of governmental levels in the US includes what?

all of these!

What economics of governmental levels in the US includes?

all of these!

Should new generation be allowed to take important decisions of their life's?

i think no! because elders are more mature then us ....and they are experienced they should take our IMPORTANT decisions...!!!!

Should important political decisions be made through free vote?

Some of them should, yes. But if you are talking about groups that are larger than a few dozen, this becomes completely impractical as a way of dealing with ALL important political decisions. The US government would shut down instantly; there are too many people for this to work. That is why in the US we have a representative system; people are elected to make decisions for many.

What branch of government have some decisions appealed in US Supreme Court?

Decisions by all three branches of government can be appealed to the US Supreme Court.

Is NASA the US government's only space agency?

NASA is the only US governmental space agency. Private companies do exist but the aren't governmental.

Is god a paki?

Not at all god is who made us and watches us and let's us make are own mistakes and decisions

When could women vote in the US elections?

because people belived that women were not capable of making important decisions

Why is Christmas important for us?

It depends who you mean by us. It is not important to all people.

What is the current governmental Capitol of the US State of Oklahoma?

yes, it is

Why are presidential decisions so important on a global scale?

Presidential decisions are extremely important on a global scale. The choices that the President of the US makes can affect the economies of countries across the world. Furthermore, his choices could result in wars or other serious problems.