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No one has landed on any planet, only the moon was ever visited by humans.

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Q: Has anyone landed on Jupiter
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Has anyone or anything landed on jupiter?

We have sent probes from Earth to orbit Jupiter, and to fly by, but nothing has landed there.

Have anyone flown or landed on Jupiter?

I don't know,because...

Who landed on Jupiter?

Nobody has landed on Jupiter. The only place people have landed is the Moon.

Who was the first man who landed on Jupiter?

In reality nobody has landed on Jupiter and will not, and survive to tell about it. The gravity is too strong.

Did a spacecraft ever land on Jupiter?

nobody ever landed on Jupiter

How many spaceflights have landed on Jupiter?


Who was the first space traveler to land on Jupiter?

No one has landed on Jupiter and it is unlikely they ever will.

What happened to any spaceship that landed on Jupiter?

You cant land on Jupiter, it has no solid surface on which to land.

What was the first spaceship that landed on Jupiter called?

No spaceship has landed on Jupiter. It is not possible as it is a gas planet. Apart from fly- past spacecraft, only Galileo has orbited it in 1975. It released a probe into Jupiter's atmosphere which was crushed and probably vaporized.

Which space shuttles have landed on Jupiter?

i dont know you supose to give me the answer!

7 Why haven't spacecraft landed on the surface of Jupiter?

because it is a gas planet.

When did the Galileo space probe land?

it landed on jupiter in 1995 (december 7th)