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Trading with the Indians

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Q: The French who landed near Mobile were interested in what?
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Who was the leader of the french Amy stationed near New York?

A fat Monkey.

Where were the Puritans intending to land according to the Mayflower Compact?

The compact was written AFTER they had landed so it doesn't state where they wanted to be located. Their intent was to land near Jamestown in VA, but they were blown off course by a storm and ended up in Mass.

Why were the built so close missions to then sea?

Because the missionaries were originally landed from ships and there was no reason to go inland. There were plenty of people to convert and exploit near the water. Resupply tended to be by ship, as well, and all contact with Spain came by sea.

How do you join the colonial williamsburg fife and drums?

You can sign up your children when they turn 7 by calling the Colonial Williamsburg operator and asking for the fifes and drums. They'll be put on a waiting list and will get a call when they are 10 or 11 to ask if they are still interested. If they are still interested, they will possibly visit before entering the corps as a recruit, and will start classes sometime October. If you're signing them up, keep in mind that you should live near Williamsburg, as they will need to attend classes twice a week or more for the seven or eight years that they will be in the corps.

How did Americas ally France contribute to the victory at Yorktown?

The French war fleet prevented a British warship rescue of British troops in Yorktown. Washington's army blocked any land escape, so without France's aid, the American Revolution could have been a failure.

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