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A fat Monkey.

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Q: Who was the leader of the french Amy stationed near New York?
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Who was the French leader of the Army stationed near New York?

General Lafayette.

Who was the leader of the french army stationed near New York.?

General Lafayette.

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Marines are stationed in Japan so that they will be near enough to the far east for rapid deployment in the event they are needed in that area.

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Well, at first there was a battle near York against the Danish. then the British army went south and fought the main battle of 1066 against the French near the town of Hastings.

What happened near york in 1066?

A battle took place near York.

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Yes, there were many American air bases in the area.

Who was stationed in Camp Love near the Danang air base in 1968 during the TET offensive?

I was there.

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Near = pres (de)...

What French colony near the equator?

French Guiana.

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The Hudson river I near New York and New Jersey.

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It is near the sea is "c'est près de la mer" in French.

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