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Yes, for example Osama bin Laden.

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Q: Has the US ever assasinated anyone?
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Who was the First us president to be assasinated?

Abraham Lincon

Who was the first president to be assasinated?

Abraham Lincoln was the first US President to be assassinated.

When Chester A. Arthur assasinated?

Chester Arthur was not assasinated. He became president becasue James Garfield was assasinated.

Why did Indira Gandhi get assasinated?

I hate to say this she got assasinated by her body gaurds

Will anyone ever travel to the star clostest to us?

Not anybody nos yet.

Did anyone with Down syndrome ever cycle across the US on a tandem bicycle?


Which president die in office?

William Harrison (Pneumonia)Zachary Taylor (Acute Gastrointestinitis)Abraham Lincoln (Assasinated)James Garfield (Assasinated)William McKinley (Assasinated)Warren Harding (Heart Attack)Franklin Roosevelt (Cerebral Hemorrhage)John Kennedy (Assasinated)

Did any us president's brother ever murder anyone?

I don't think so

Did the US government ever tried to assassinate anybody?

if so it would not be published to anyone..........................

You are married to an illegal immigrant and you have a son can he ever be legal?

Anyone born in the US, regardless of the citizenship of the parents, can elect to be a US citizen.

Who is ronner thurefer?

he was a politician who was assasinated.

What is atomic bound?

When a president is assasinated.