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Yes. The 44th President of the United States is Barack Obama, 2009 - Present (2010).

No, including President Obama only 43 people have been U.S. President. The reason Barack Obama is called the 44th U.S. President is that they count Grover Cleveland twice (the 22nd and 24th President) because his two terms were non-consecutive.

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In a way it is not true, Obama is called the 44 th president because Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms and so is counted as both the 22nd and 24th president. There have actually been only 43 different US presidents.

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Including Barack Obama, 43 people have been U. S. President. Grover Cleveland is counted twice because he served two non-consecutive terms (Benjamin Harrison was President between Cleveland's first and second terms).

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Q: Have there been 44 presidents in the US?
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