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Q: He said that he had stolen the watch.The accused...?
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Can a person get accused of a crime for a gun that was stolen from them?

accused - yes; convicted - no

If a person is accused and arrested for a stolen item that is not in the accused possession can they be prosecuted?

Yes. Possession of stolen property is a lesser included charge to most theft or burglary crimes. YOushould also remember that prosecution is not conviction.

Where can you watchThe Lightning Thief online?

itunes, and amazon pay per view.

Can you be accused of shoplifting when you have already left the store?

yes if they find evedence that you have stolen a product

Who is rumored to have a stolen Christmas?

The Grinch was said to have stolen or spoiled Christmas.

Who was said to have stolen Christmas?

The Grinch

If one is said to be a miser what is one accused of?


Who when accused of being with Jesus lied and said he did not know him?


Is just saying someone robbed you enough to convict them?

they should have proof, or be able to identify an object that was accused of being stolen

When being accused of torturous interference what can happen to you?

You are accused of "pushing" or "provoking" and individual to breach a contract. Then you can be held liable for the breaching of said contract.

Who is the Powerful Luciferian who is said to have stolen the spear of destiny from Hitler?


Why was Aesop condemned to death?

Aesop was condemned to death in Delphi because he was accused of sacrilege and theft. He was believed to have stolen a golden cup from the temple of Apollo.