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Q: Why is the accused shown to all prospective jury members?
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Why is the trial by jury important?

Well see when someone is on trial they are questioned and the questions start to build up and it is up to the jury to make the decision. The two reasons are thatif the jury is not convinced with the case then there is no more case but if they are convinced then it is a win win for everybody.

What rights does amendment 7 give to citizens?

The 7th amendment gives a citizen the right to a jury trial in certain civil cases, and prevents courts from overturning a jury's findings of fact. It also guarantees a minimum of 6 members for a jury in a civil trial.

Setting of a jury of her peers?

Please tell me a bit more about the question you want answered. Perhaps you are looking for the text of of the 6th Amendment which guarantees "... a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury ..." The Constitution does not specifically promise a trial by jury consisting of the defendant's peers, but does oblige the legal system to do all it can to make sure the jury has no prejudice against the accused.

Who makes the decision of whether a person can be accused of a serious crime?

Evidence is a key factor in deciding whether a person is guilty of a serious crime. Ultimately, a judge and jury will decide the punishment.

How are the citizens involved in the Judicial Branch?

Citizens are involved in the judicial branch by participating in a case in lower courts (for example, serving in jury duty) and to pick whose testimony to believe. Based on that decision, citizens may then choose who is guilty and who is not, deciding the outcome of the trial or suit.

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What is a meaninful sentence for jury?

In Arizona, not only do the attorneys question witnesses, but members of the jury can also ask questions before deciding the fate of the accused.

What is a group of prospective jurors called?

A group of prospective jurors is known as a venire. Members of the venire is initially selected from the community using a random method.

How does the grand jury system protect people accused of serious crimes?

The grand jury reviews the evidence against the accused

A what is the trial jury that decides whether the accused is guilty or not guilty?

Petit jury

What do attorney do during jury selection?

Attorneys will ask prospective jurors various questions to determine if they will be a good fit for the jury. Prospective jurors can be dismissed if the attorney feels they are biased.

How courts cases are decided?

By a jury of your peers, or if the accused waives trial by jury, then by the presiding judge.

What is a group of Jury members called?

A Jury

What if 6 members say guilty and 6 say not guilty?

That is known as a "Deadlocked" or a "Hung Jury." The judge will usually reiterate his instructions to the jury - instruct them in the applicable portions of the law - and send them back to deliberate further. In the final analysis if the jury remains deadlocked a "mis-trial" will be declared. And a new trial will be scheduled.

Why was there lawlessness in the American West?

There was lawlessness in the west because of the poor court system because members of the jury would have less knowledge of law which was the main reason why the jury would make unfair verdicts against the people accused of being criminals.

As the prosecutor you are trying to get the jury to develop?

a belief in the guilt of the accused.

How many members are selected in a jury?

Jury members are choosen at random. COMPLETLY. all 7-12 of them

What is the name of the group of twelve who decides guilt or innocence of the accused?