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Its height is approx 41.30 mtrs and length of 9997.67 mtrs (10km approx)

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Q: Height length of jayakwadi dam
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Capacity of jayakwadi dam?

Total storagecapacity of dam 107tmc

What is tmc of jayakwadi dam?

100 tmc

What is current water level of Jayakwadi dam?

approximately 20 TMC

Is Hirakud Dam larger than Bakra Nangal Dam?

In terms of length: Hirakud Dam is larger, with a total length of 4,800m (the actual length is 25,000m) , compared to Bakra Nangal Dam, which has a length of only 520m. In terms of height: Bakra Nangal Dam is taller, with a total height of 741 ft. compared to Hirakud Dam, which has only a height of 200 ft.

Which dam has a crest length of 4173 ft. and a height of 551 ft.?

Grand Coulee Dam (k

What is the largest dam in Montana?

The Fort Peck Dam is 21,026 feet in length and over 250 feet in height.

What is the storage capacity of tmc jayakwadi dam?

A 10-second trip to Wikipedia... yielded the figure 2,909 million cubic meters.

Which is biggest dam in maharashtra?

koyna dam 100 TMC capacity is a wrong answer. the correct answer is UJANI DAM on bhima river capacity is 117 tmc. 2 nd is Jayakwadi project on GODAVARI RIVER capacity is 103 tmc.

What is the storage capacity of jayakwadi dam?

Its total storage capicity is approx 2.909 km³ & effective live storage capacity is 2.17 km³.

What are Montana's dams?

The Fort Peck Dam is a major dam in Montana on the Missouri River. 2It is 1,026 feet in length and over 250 feet in height.

What is Dam axis?

The dam axis is the total length of a dam.

What is hydraulic height as it relates to a dam?

The pressure that water exerts on the walls of the dam is proportional to the depth of the water or you might say the height of the column of water from the base of the dam. The hydraulic height is the same as the depth of the water to the bottom of the dam.