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The amendments are approved at the national level usually by congress and proposed to the states.

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Q: How are amendments approved at the national level?
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All amendments to the constitution must be approved at the and at the -?

All amendments to the constitution must be approved at the end of a national convention assembled at the request of the legislatures.

How are amendments approve at the state level?

Congress may propose an amendment if it has been approved by a two thirds vote in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It may also be proposed by a national convention called for by two thirds of the states Legislatures>

How many amendments have approved?


These amendments were all approved in?


When has Congress altered The US Constitution?

The constitution is altered through amendments. Sources of amendments come from the US Congress or a national convention and have to be approved by the members of the union. The first amendment was completed in 1791 and the last one was completed in 1992.

What do Amendments must be approved by?

a two thirds vote of congress

What were informal amendments of the US constitution?

There are no "informal" amendments. All 26 amendments are approved by Congress and are part of the constitution. Your question makes the assumption that there are two constitutions and there isn't.

Are most amendments to the constitution proposed by congress approved by the states?


Must informal amendments be approved by state legislatures or conventions?


Which two constitutional amendments were not approved?

James Madison proposed 12 amendments to the Constitution, 10 of which were approved. The ones that weren't would have established Congressional representation and prohibited Congress from raising its own salaries.

The first 10 amendments were adopted a month after the constitution was approved true or false?


How many amendments are there to Kentucky's constitution?

there are 35 amendments to the Kentucky constitution