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Legal immigrants are (for thee most part) treated like average citizens.

While Illegal immigrants are not.

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Q: How are immigrants treated today?
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How was the Irish treated when they were in ameria?

Badly. The newest of the immigrants are always discriminated against. They usually had the worst jobs ex. Think about how immigrants are treated today.

How are new immigrants treated in France?

New immigrants in France are treated with hesitation at first. This is especially true if the immigrants are from countries outside Europe.

How were Asian immigrants to the UK treated in the 1950s and 1960s?

Like ******* immigrants!

How were Mexican immigrants treated the 1800s?

they were treated like all the other European immigrants that came to America. (but mostly treated unfairly)

How was the Asian immigrants treated when they came to America in the 1900s?

They were treated like dogs.

How were immigrants treated in the 1800s?

The Irish was the largest immigrant group in the 1800s and they were generally treated poorly. Later immigrant groups were treated the same way as the Irish immigrants of the early 1800s.

Where do immigrants today come from?

Today immigrants are coming from all over the world.

What were Ellis isle and angel isle what was the difference between them how were immigrants treated at each site?

What were Ellis Island and angel island what was the difference between them how were immigrants treated at each site

How were the Asian immigrants treated in the?

In the, asian immigrants were treated quite well compared to that. During that, asian immigrants were often robbed or raped in the streets, and lynchings, though less common, were not unheard of. However, both the and that were much better than those. Let's not even talk about the treatment of asian immigrants during those.

How were immigrants treated in the north?

like eriks mom when i put her in bed

How were the very early immigrants treated in America?

There was no problems for the very earliest of immigrants. There were no passports or immigration office in the mid 1600's.

How were immigrants treated in the 1920's?

Immigrants during the 1920's were welcomed warmly because at that time there was a need in the industry of the workforce. Thus welcoming more immigrants is an advantage.