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In general, the Irish are treated respectfully today although there are still many issues between the Irish and the English in the UK. . In the past there were times when the Irish were treated badly, especially in the United States and the UK.

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Q: How are the Irish treated today?
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How was the Irish treated when they were in ameria?

Badly. The newest of the immigrants are always discriminated against. They usually had the worst jobs ex. Think about how immigrants are treated today.

How were immigrants treated in the 1800s?

The Irish was the largest immigrant group in the 1800s and they were generally treated poorly. Later immigrant groups were treated the same way as the Irish immigrants of the early 1800s.

How were Irish catholics treated in 1819?

As immigrants, the Irish Catholics were treated very badly. Employment ads began to contain the phrase, "Irish need not apply." This was because they were Catholics The Protestants did not like them because of centuries of religious wars.

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today the Irish trace their ancestry to the Celts.

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How are the Jews being treated today?

They are being treated just as fairly as every on else is today in the United States.

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In Irish it's "caidé mar a bhí do lá?"

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