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Straw polls, telephone polls, online polls, tracking polls, exit polls and expert insights are method of taking political polls. Polls are used to gauge the opinion of the public on specific issues or to measure the general political mood.

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A poll taken to find out the opinions of the people on a certain topic

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Q: How are political polls taken and used?
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What are some examples of statistics to predict?

When polls are taken, they tend to predict the outcome of political elections.

What is the name of a know agency that conducts polls?

Gallup conducts a lot of political polls.

Polls are taken to?

Your Mama's House

Who is winning the political polls?

nick clegg

Which tool is most used by political parties and candidates when deciding which issues to focus on during an election?

voter polls

Who's winning political polls?


What has the author Frank Teer written?

Frank Teer has written: 'Political opinion polls' -- subject(s): Public opinion, Public opinion polls

What is a shortcoming of current scientific polls?

They cannot accurately measure political preferences.

What public place do you not have a constitutional right to hand out political information?

voting polls

A survey taken as people leave the polls is called a n?

exit poll

What has the author F Teer written?

F. Teer has written: 'Political opinion polls'

Do you sell used telephone polls?

No.. Do you?